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Bodybuilt Labs Shred Eaze 90 Capsules
Bodybuilt Labs Shred Eaze 90 Capsules
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Bodybuilt Labs Shred Eaze 90 Capsules

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Product Description

BodyBuilt Labs Shred Eaze

ShredEaze is a serious thermogenic fat burner for people serious about reducing body fat, suppressing appetite and achieving the leanest figure possible.

What’s In BodyBuilt Labs Shred Eaze?

Dandelion Extract 

Dandelion extract is an herbal medicine and is widely used for its astonishing properties. It can myriad physical ailments diseases of liver, Skin problems like acne and improves digestive system. We use dandelion extract to reduce the body water retention in the skin as it acts as a natural dieretic allowing you to see your true Bodyfat Percentage. 

  • High Nutrition contents like vitamins, Minerals, Potassium and fibre.
  • Contains healthy bacteria which improve digestion.
  • Rich in Antioxidants.
  • Protects against cellular damage.
  • Reduces Inflammation.
  • Regulates Blood Sugar Levels and Blood Pressure.
  • Reduces Cholesterol.
  • Helps to lose weight.
  • Improves digestive system and reduces constipation.
  • Prevents skin damage caused by Aging, Sunlight and Acne.
  • Contributes to maintain healthy and strong bones.

Green tea Extract 

Green tea Extract is well known to be used to help achieve fat loss, suppress appetite & increase energy.

  • Rich source of Anti-Oxidants.
  • Improves Brain, Liver, Heart and Skin health.
  • Aids to lose weight.
  • Reduces growth of cancer cells.
  • Lowers Blood sugar Level.

Bitter Orange 

Bitter Orange is widely used by body builders and health practitioners for multiple health benefits. It reduces fatigue and increases concentration.  It is also used for nasal congestion and poor appetite.

  • Aids in Liver and Gall bladder problems.
  • Improves Athletic performance.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • Minimises Fungal and Skin infections.
  • Reduces nerve pain.
  • Regulates Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels. 

Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper Extract has the potential to fight fat. It reduces the growth and formation of new fat cells. It aids in absorption of nutrients and gut health in our body.

  • Rich in Anti - Oxidants.
  • Improves brain function.
  • Fights Cancer, Heart diseases, Arthritis, and Diabetes.
  • Reduces Cholesterol levels.
  • Helps in pain relief.


Capsicum is a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Fibre and Potassium. 

  • Improves Eye health, Skin health and Immunity.
  • Prevents Prostate Cancer in men and Anaemia.
  • Increases metabolic rate.
  • Regulates blood flow to the scalp and incorporates healthy hair.

Green coffee bean

Green coffee bean is widely used because of its properties to lose weight.  

  • Lowers Blood sugar Levels.
  • Reduces body weight.
  • Enhances fat burning hormones.
  • Improves Cholesterol Levels.
  • Rich in Anti – Aging properties.
  • Strengthens Immunity System.

How to take BodyBuilt Labs Shred Eaze?

BodyBuilt Labs Shred Eaze is best taken in daily dosages of 3 capsules once a day, preferably with meals. For best results, you should split these dosages throughout the day. Do not exceed more than 3 capsules in 24 hours.

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